Task demos

For my most recent projects, I’ve started to make demonstrations of the experimental tasks. Click the link to try out a few trials and see my tasks in action. Your responses will not be stored!

Information Sampling Trust Game demo

Belief updates about the trustworthiness of peers are essential during adolescence as social reorientation emerges and peer relationships intensify. We used computational modelling and an information sampling paradigm to reveal that three cognitive mechanisms contribute to age-related changes in those belief updates: prior beliefs, prior uncertainty, and uncertainty tolerance. These age-related changes result in increasingly efficient belief updates from early to mid-adolescence. Our findings shed light on age-related changes in adaptive learning about others during adolescence.

Ma, I., Westhoff, B., & van Duijvenvoorde, A. C. K. (2020). The Cognitive Mechanisms That Drive Social Belief Updates During Adolescence. bioRxiv [preprint] [data] [code]